I have used numerous tool pouches over the past 15 years, but the Flip ‘N’ Grip electrician’s pouch is the best I’ve used by a country mile. Nothing falls out, it is lightweight and very comfortable.
Bec Sparky
Finally a decent tool belt on the market! We have been running a frame and truss plant for many years and have tried various tool belts in the past and nothing compares to the quality and versatility of the Flip N Grip. The boys in the factory have found them extremely comfortable to wear all day. With the different duties they undertake in the factory and on site, requiring a varied range of tools to carry, the Flip N Grip has been a dream with it’s vast range of different components to suit every need. Well done guys for a great product!
Paul Stevenson, Director - South Coast, NSW
I’ve been using the pouches for almost 12 months now and I like the flexibility and choice of pouches available.
Will Boag, Carpenter - Central Coast, NSW
I wasn’t sure why they were so different until I tried them. They are really easy to use and very comfortable to wear.
Greg Sleator - Carpenter Sydney, NSW
All our electricians wear the Flip ‘N’ Grip belt and pouches now. My wholesaler recommended them and I, in turn, would highly recommend them. Purely on the basis they don’t weigh much, everything the boys use fits in and they are super comfortable.
Michael Perdikakis - Electrician Sydney, NSW
I like the variety and design of the pouches. I use the belt every day at work and sometimes when I go out fishing. Often wondered when someone would come up with a good idea like this. These fella’s have done it and with a bit of style too………
Brendan Elder - Carpenter Sydney, NSW