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Find out more about ranging the innovative Flip'N'Grip tool pouch system

A Tool Pouch System Designed by Tradies for Tradies

Being in the trade for over 30 years we know what’s good and more importantly, what’s not good when it comes to tool pouches.

At Flip’N’Grip we take pride in the unique design features and quality of workmanship in the making of every single belt and pouch.

You can rest assured knowing that our tool pouches have been designed and made with your needs and requirements in minds. View the Flip’N’Grip range >>

Replace Pouches in Seconds without Removing Your Belt

Our attachment method allows you to change your belt rig set-up within seconds and without the inconvenience of taking off your belt. Just tuck, twist and Flip’N’Grip!

View the Flip’N’Grip range >>

Redistribute Weight & take the Pressure Off Your Back

An unbalanced tool belt can lead to back and other health problems.

The answer – distribute the weight evenly on your belt to avoid excessive weight on one side. Better still, as the Flip’N’Grip tool pouches are so easy to take off your belt, simply remove them if you’re not using them.

(Also, unlike pouches that loop through your belt, our pouches can be moved around the belt easily, without having to remove the belt from your waist. View the Flip’N’Grip range >>

Lightweight, Machine Washable and Built to Last

The belts and pouches are made from lightweight, but incredibly durable 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon. Again, unlike leather products, the Flip’N’Grip range is machine washable, does not deteriorate like leather under wet conditions and even when wet, retains its lightweight capabilities…this product is made to last!  View the Flip’N’Grip range >>