The Flip’N’Grip Story

With over 30 years experience working as a carpenter & builder, founder of Flip’N’Grip Neil Ewins decided it was time to change the way ­­traditional tool belts and pouches were worn and fitted.

“Uncomfortable industry standard pouches and the way they attach to a belt meant I was constantly carrying excessive weight, thus putting unnecessary strain on my back and shoulders. I was forever in the Chiropractors making him rich” says Neil, a Sydney based contractor.

Different tasks require different sets of tools and fixings, so the design brief was simple. Make it easy to add and remove any pouch while still wearing the belt.

Teaming up with long-time friend, designer Simon Harris, the two put their heads together to develop a comfortable lightweight pouch attachment system that is flexible & practical in its application.

The result being the Flip’N’Grip ‘pouch to belt’ system that makes it easy to attach, remove, and reposition pouches without having to take off your tool belt. Now with Flip’N’Grip, you only ever wear what you need.

So now when Neil switches tasks, he switches his tool pouch set up just as easily, thus increasing productivity and reducing back strain caused by wearing unnecessary tool pouches.

There is nothing but health and lifestyle benefits when one chooses to use Flip’N’Grip tool pouches.

Check out how you can ‘Get your gear off in seconds’.

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The Flip’N’Grip Team

Neil Ewins
Neil EwinsFounder & Director
Simon Harris
Simon HarrisFounder & Director